“CREAZIONI WALT” was born in Milan on 1957 to realize shoes for man inspired to the classic english lasts. The first limited production to very selected clients has been followed by the orders of the most exclusive shops in Milan.

On 1965, with the transfer of the laboratory to the present spaces in Pavia, begins the creative interpretation of the man shoes classic models that were adapted to a woman style very modern and sophisticated but practical and sporty at the same time. Made by high quality materials the shoes begun to be famous for their style and comfort. This new feminine elegance is still appreciated by the most important boutiques in the world.

jaipur_storiaThe very famous Jaipur ankle boots with elastic side panels recall with their name the Indian city which was under the English protectorate on 1818. On 1980 the company’s name turns into Walter Shoes.

Hand stitched moccasins are our very flexible and soft shoes realized by very experienced artisans and made by soft and elastic quality skins mounted, stretched by hand, and fixed on the last. After 8 days for the shaping very experienced hands proceed with the typical hand sewing that involves more than 60 points on every single shoe to fix the upper and more than 30 points to fix the backstay. Thanks to this sewing technique on the last these shoes wrap the foot in a very natural way giving comfort, strength and flexibility.